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Model: InviteSNES (PAL, NTSC)

Flash cart for Super Nintendo systems
· Internal FLASH ROM size up to 128MBit (16Mb).
· Maximum supported ROM size up to 48MBit (6Mb).
· 32kb Static RAM memory for game saves store.
· USB (only in Enhanced configuration, available when purchasing with Assembler Studio) development port. Support Assembler Studio, and step by step debug with code execution on real console.
· Upgradable OS from USB and from external memory card.
· Game saves can be stored or loaded from SD card.
· SD/MMC/SDHC cards support.
· FAT12/FAT16/ FAT32 support. 32GB max external card size.
· SMARD DMA Module (Support fast external memory access up to 18Mbit/ps).
· Support FX Capcom CX4 chip functionality.
· Memory paging support (64 ready to run maximum games store on one card).
· Automatic Save RAM memory management (extract need to run save ram then game store to internal ready to run memory).
· PAL and NTSC systems support, multiregional CIC (developed by Ikari_01 special thanks him for this).

List of Enhanced Game Chips

Copy the file to any of the cartridge slot and run it, follow the prompts on the screen (it does not matter what operating system you have installed in the cartridge, I mean Russian or English, if you upgrade to the EN is English, RU - Russian)


Updating the operating system (en) v. 1.0D

List of fixes in version 1.0D

1. Added fixing header by size.

2. Header checker ignoring DSP-1 marker as incorrect.

List of fixes in version 1.0C  (2013.08.25)

1. Fix some bugs.

List of fixes in version 1.0B  (2013.08.23)

1. Add files sorting.

List of fixes in version 1.0A 2013.08.22)

1. Add new Extended core support.

List of fixes in version 1.09  (2013.08.12) 

1. Some bug fixes.

List of fixes in version 1.08  (2013.07.20)

1. Fixed a bug with save game slots. The cartridge used in the game only saves the first slot, but it is proposed to keep that area of ​​memory save game you want to use. The result seems to me that the cartridge is bad holds SAVE RAM.

2. Some bug fixes.

Programmers manual:

Ask a question in the forum.

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