InDRIVE portable card device ( 128MXSPI v. 3.00 )

InDRIVE portable card device ( 128MXSPI v. 3.00 )
Price: $47.70 (+ Plus shipping)
Model: InDRIVE

 1. Internal ROM: 16 Megabytes, no PC connection need.
 2. Internal and External Card Slot supported SD/SDHC/MMC/MMCmobile/microSD cards.
 3. 32 Kilobytes battery backed SAVE RAM, automatic store/restore Save RAM content.
 4. Seven mapper types, support Mortal Combat Kabal's Hacks and Super Street Fighter II. Device support EEPROM up to 1Kb (for sample you can save in NBA JAM game).
 5. Supported File Systems: FAT12/FAT16/FAT32.
 6. SEGA MASTER SYSTEM supported, you can play SMS ROMs on MEGADRIVE/GENESIS console (using mapper SEGA 315-5365 with 1024Kilobytes ROM and 16KBytes System Static RAM and 16KBytes Save RAM).
 7. Onboard update support: Operation System and BOOTLOADER from SD card.
 8. Long Files Name Support with sorting (modes: by name and by size).

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Firmware upgrades:

Unpack the archive into root directory of the memory card, insert it in the InDrive device and turn on the console (in root directory must be folder "Upgrade" with 2 files "inboot.bin" and "inboot.txt").

Upgrade OS v. 2.1D (2014.06.06)

Fixes list in version 2.1D

1. Fixed formatting critical bug (while formatting internal rom device can dreak).

2. Fixed Story of Thor running.

Fixes list in version 2.1C (2013.10.13)

1. Fixed erase error, in some slots game does not running.

Fixes list in version 2.1B (2013.10.08)

1. Add support for CPLD CORE v2.07.

Fixes list in version 2.1A (2013.09.23)

1. Repair "ROM WRITE ERROR".

2. Add SPI test in options menu.

Fixes list in version 2.19 (2013.09.08)

1. Add 32x Detection.

2. Bug fixed in RUN GAME menu thenstart SMS rom with no multislots.

3. Add run conditions check (like "can't run SMS game then 32x AddOn attached").

4. Small bug fixes.

5. User defined mapper now stored in non volatile memory.

Fixes list in version 2.18 (2013.08.22)

1. Little bug fixed in multyslots support.

Fixes list in version 2.17 (2013.06.24)

1. Add multyslots support.

Fixes list in version 2.16 (2013.03.23)

1. Small bug fixes.

Fixes list in version 2.14 (2013.02.26)

1. FIX Fatal Memory Leackage while ROM writing.

2. FIX Wrong Memory access while ROM Patching by Game Genie code.

3. More Files in each directory, now 260 items in each directory.

Fixes list in version 2.12 (2013.01.31)

1. Add x24C01 EEPROM Saves Support in "RINGS OF POWER".

2. Removed some minor bugs.

Fixes list in version 2.11 (2013.01.29)

1. Add Game Genie Code Support (set in options menu "ROM: CONFIGURE AND START" for turn on GG dialog then select SEGA GENESIS/MEGADRIVE rom).

Fixes list in version 2.10 (2013.01.27)

1. Fixed game running by "RESET VECTOR", some games run incorrectly.

Fixes list in version 2.0F (2013.01.21)

1. Fixed slot selection, if you choose Internal Slot, the cursor on the second element in first opened directory (must be on first).

2. Fixed run some games.

Fixes list in version 2.0E (2013.01.05)

1. Added possibility to change maper.

2. Removed installed slots  checking.

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