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Device Updates.

InviteDRIVE v4/v6 Editor/Converter Save States, clickable.

  • Internal FLASH ROM 128 megabit (16 MB).
  • Save/Load Console Status (MD / GENS Only)
  • The maximum size of the downloadable ROM is up to 80Megabit (10Mb).
  • 512kb of static RAM for saving in games.
  • Support Save States (8 pcs. on each game).
  • Support mappers (8 pcs.):
      [0] - Standart 4MB Mapper
      [1] - Save EERPOM Mode 1/2 (SDA = (MODE 2) SDA, SCL = rSCL, EMU24X = (MODE 1) SDA)
     [3] - SMS MODE
     [4] - Standart 2MB Mapper + 32k SaveRAM
     [5] - Wide ROM Mapper for UMK Hacks
     [6] - Story of Thor Save RAM
     [7] - Street Fighter mapper
     [8] - EEP SPI 95032
  • The ability to run SEGA-CD (You need SEGA-CD Add-ON).
  • The ability to run a SEGA-CD with a "non-native" BIOS (SEGA-CD CUSTOM BOOT, SEGA-CD Add-ON is required, not supported if 32x Add-ON is connected.)
  • Built-in MEGAKEY (not supported if 32x Add-ON is connected.)
  • Supports file systems: FAT12 /FAT16 /FAT32. 32 GB max size of external memory card.
  • Support for Sega Master System games (partial, standard SEGA maverick, is not supported if 32x Add-ON is connected).
  • The ability to run SEGA 32x ROM (requires the presence of 32x Add-ON).
  • Support for page memory (up to 10 ready-to-run ROMs on one device)
  • Updating the OS from the memory card. (A specialized programmer is required to update the kernel. Programmer provided with the device.)
  • Support for SEGA-CD Backup Cart 4093 Blocks.

  • Ask a question on the forum.
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