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Device Updates.

InviteDRIVE v4/v6 Editor/Converter Save States, clickable.

GENESIS / MEGADRIVE Flash cartridge
  • Pseudostatic random access memory of 128 megabits (16 megabytes).
  • Save/Load Console Status (MD / GENS Only)
  • Fast boot ROMs from a memory card.
  • Supported file systems: FAT12 / FAT16 / FAT32. 32 GB maximum memory card size (MMC / SD / SDHC).
  • The maximum size of a downloadable ROM is up to 80 megabits (10Mb).
  • 512kb nonvolatile static RAM for game saves (supported by a CR2032 battery, the battery comes with the device).
  • Built-in I2C->SRAM, SPI->SRAM interface converter to support save in games with EEP I2C and EEP SPI up to 512 kilobits.
  • Support SEGA-CD Backup Cart, 8189 Blocks.
  • Lamels coating (cartridge pads) with Immersion Gold.
  • Game Genie code support, checksum FIX, SEGA and ELECTRONIC ARTS algorithms.
  • Real time clock (supported by CR2032 battery).
  • Ability to run SEGA 32x ROMs (32x Add-ON is required).
  • Update OS and CORE from memory card.
  • Support MD/GEN/32x mappers (8 pcs.):
      [0] - Standart 4MB Mapper
      [1] - Save EERPOM Mode 1/2 (SDA = (MODE 2) SDA, SCL = rSCL, EMU24X = (MODE 1) SDA)
      [3] - SMS MODE
      [4] - Standart 2MB Mapper + 32k SaveRAM
      [5] - Wide ROM Mapper for UMK Hacks ROMs up to 10 Megabytes in a single linear console address space (not supported if Addons 32X and SEGA CD are connected, because Addons address space overlaps with system areas of Console)
      [6] - Story of Thor Save RAM
      [7] - Street Fighter mapper
      [8] - EEP SPI 95032
  • Customizable touch buttons at the top of device (left and right).
      Left Button:
        1. Pause in SMS games.
      Button on the right: (4 modes of operation)
        1. Full console reset.
        2. Restart loaded ROM.
        3. Entering into InGame Menu (InGame Menu can also be called at the same time holding joypad buttons: UP + A + B + C + START).
        4. No touch response (disabled).
  • Set up a device‚Äôs reaction to the console reset button:
      1. Full reset with loading InviteDRIVE v6 menu.
      2. Restart loaded ROM.
  • Experimental support for InGAME Menu (supported if 32X Add ON is not connected):
      1. Exit to menu
      2. Save/Load Console Status (MD / GENS Only)
      3. Supports Game Genie codes.
      4. Adjust the real time clock.
      5. MEGAKEY (works if 32X Add ON is not connected).
      6. View console status (need enter into debug mode)
  • Ability to start SEGA-CD (SEGA-CD Add-ON is required).
  • Ability to run SEGA-CD with a non-native BIOS (SEGA-CD CUSTOM BOOT, SEGA-CD Add-ON is required, not supported if 32x Add-ON is connected).
  • Built-in MEGAKEY (not supported if 32x Add-ON is connected).
  • Sega Master System games support (not supported if 32x Add-ON is connected), including the device implements the 315-5342 chip - Power Base Converter.:
      1. Standard
      2. SMS_Korean
      3. SMS_Korean_Xin1
      4. SMS_Korean_MSX_8KB
      5. CodeMasters (Presence with advanced VDP mode is required)
      6. SMS_NoMapper

  • Ask a question on the forum.
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