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FAMICOM / DENDY Clone ver. 1, rev 3
  • 1. Quality FAMICOM clone.
  • 2. Clone completely on discrete elements. The digital circuitry solution is the same as that of the original FAMICOM (all signals are connected on the SLOT, nothing is shorted like in Chinese "lean" consoles).
  • 3. The built-in amplifier separate the console's mono audio signal into two pseudo stereo channels.
  • 4. An improved power supply circuit of the device provides a more efficient power supply with less heat, unlike the original circuit with a 7805 regulator. The power circuit automatically selects the correct polarity of the connected power supply, there is no need to make sure that we took the correct polarity.
  • 5. Two reference frequency generators implemented on logic elements provide a guaranteed launch of even the most "capricious" PPU and CPU.
  • 6. An advanced video path system provides the best image compared to other clones without stripes / moire or other negative effects.
  • 7. High quality components. Zero-force sockets (ZIF) for easy CPU and PPU changes (you can easily replace installed CPUs and PPUs with CPUs and PPUs of another region). Reset button is "silicone silent insert"
  • 8. The board is specially designed for the case "DENDY Steepler".
  • 9. The "right" plastic connectors for joysticks.
  • 10. Includes PPU (UA6528) and CPU (UA6527p) which corresponds to DENDY Steepler.

    You will need a power supply 9v, 1000mA.  

    Only PCB without case is included.  

    . Ask a question on the forum.
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