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More than seven years of development have been crowned with success !!!  
NES Flash (SRAM, - Static Random Access Memory) cartridge

  • PRG RAM 2Mb, CHR RAM 2mb (Total 32MBit, 32768 KBit).
  • Save / Load console status anywhere in the game
  • Fast boot ROMs from a memory card.
  • Supported file systems: FAT12 / FAT16 / FAT32 / exFAT. 32 GB maximum memory card size for FAT12 / FAT16 / FAT32, exFAT any card size support (MMC / SD / SDHC). Exact, high-quality work with a memory card, it is not necessary to reformat the memory card if something has changed, unlike EVER...
  • The maximum size of a downloadable ROM is up to 32Mb (4Mb).
  • 32kb nonvolatile static RAM for game play (supported by a CR2032 battery, the battery comes with the device).
  • InGAME Menu Touch Button.
  • FDS support.
  • NSF sound roms support.
  • Coating the slats (cartridge pads) with Immersion Gold.
  • Counting the checksum of the loaded ROM on the fly means that the cartridge will select the most correct mode of operation of the mapper.
  • Real time clock (supported by CR2032 battery).
  • Built-in coprocessor, speed up work with memory cards and other fine stuff...
  • Fully customizable management, listing by page, various modes of sorting ROMs, displaying information about the currently selected ROM and much more.
  • Table mappers, cartridge supports more than 99% of all known romset:

    You can read more here.
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