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SNES/SFamicom FLASH Cart
  • Internal FLASH ROM size up to 128MBit (16Mb).
  • Maximum supported ROM size up to 48MBit (6Mb).
  • 32kb Static RAM memory for game saves store.
  • USB (only in Enhanced configuration, available when purchasing with Assembler Studio) development port. Support Assembler Studio, and step by step debug with code execution on real console.
  • Upgradable OS from USB and from external memory card.
  • Game saves can be stored or loaded from SD card.
  • SD/MMC/SDHC cards support.
  • FAT12/FAT16/ FAT32 support. 32GB max external card size.
  • SMART DMA Module (Support fast external memory access up to 18Mbit/ps).
  • Support FX Capcom CX4 chip functionality.
  • Memory paging support (64 ready to run maximum games store on one card).
  • Automatic Save RAM memory management (extract need to run save ram then game store to internal ready to run memory).
  • PAL and NTSC systems support, multiregional CIC (developed by Ikari_01 special thanks him for this).

  • Ask a question in the forum.
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